GP Brisoley, which is a movable sun shading curtain System, is a type of sun shading system installed on the exterior facade of a building or structure. This system is used to reduce the temperature inside the building, prevent the sun's rays from entering and at the same time increase the aesthetics of the building. Exterior brisoley curtain systems are generally used in large buildings such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals and similar commercial buildings. It is also a preferred sunshade system in some residential buildings. Exterior brisoley curtain systems usually have a strong skeleton made of aluminium or steel. On this skeleton, there is a series of lamellas that can be openable or fixed. The lamellas reduce the temperature inside the building by blocking the sun's rays and at the same time increase the comfort of the people inside the building by creating a shaded area. 

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winter and cool in summer.
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Protect the environment from heat and cold with Brisoley!


It is a material that adjusts the amount of excessive solar heat and light in hot times. It acts as a sun breaker, maximises heat gain, is effective in ambient comfort and cooling savings, and there is no need for a curtain system indoors. Our exterior Brisoley systems are completely resistant to excessive sunbathing, ultraviolet rays and corrosion. They have successfully passed the tests in the laboratory environment and their resistance to wind load has been determined. there are many colour options. It has a very elegant appearance and maintains its first time appearance in harsh environmental conditions. It can be used as half opening or full opening. Provides absolute darkness when fully closed.

Energy Saving: Exterior brisoley curtain systems reduce the temperature inside the building by blocking the sun's rays. This reduces the cooling costs required for the building and saves energy.

Visual Aesthetics: Exterior brisoley curtain systems make an aesthetic contribution by changing the external appearance of the building. These systems provide the building with a modern appearance and harmonise with other buildings around the building.

Protection: Exterior brisoley curtain systems provide protection against weather conditions such as sun rays, wind and rain.

İç Hava Kalitesi: Dış cephe brisoley perde sistemleri, güneş ışınlarını engellediği için binanın içindeki havanın sıcaklığını düşürür. Bu, iç mekandaki hava kalitesini artırır ve iç mekanda daha rahat bir ortam sağlar.

Durability: Dış cephe brisoley perde sistemleri, alüminyum veya çelikten yapılmış güçlü bir iskelete sahiptir ve genellikle dayanıklı bir yapıya sahiptir.

Customisation: Exterior brisoley curtain systems offer many colour options and can be customised in accordance with the architectural style of the building. This helps to personalise the building and give it a unique look.

Automatic Control: Exterior brisoley curtain systems are also available with systems that can be opened and closed automatically. This feature can help the building save energy and provides ease of use.


Roller Shutter Systems are produced to protect you from weather conditions such as sun, rain, wind, external factors, malicious people and to increase insulation in residential and workplaces. provides significant heat and sound insulation. It adapts to all kinds of architectural structures and gives an aesthetic appearance to modern facades. Roller shutter systems are generally movable curtains that cover the openings of houses such as windows, doors or gardens. Roller shutter systems are used to control sunlight, temperature, noise and airflow, to ensure the safety of people with special needs.

Roller Shutter systems, which are used for solar control, heat and sound insulation, security, privacy and aesthetic purposes in all kinds of projects, have become an indispensable part of homes and workplaces as manual and motorized.


GP Orienta has been developed and produced by Turkish and Italian engineers as a result of joint work. Orienta series shutters are made of extruded aluminum purpa painted profile, so they remain robust and do not lose their function for years. Orienta roller shutter system can work with normal roller shutter profiles. Orienta reverse, on the other hand, can easily work with externally connected shutters. Strut and box lengths are the same as in the standard version.

Motorized roller shutters are the first step to making your life at home more convenient and comfortable. They contribute to the insulation and energy saving of your home.

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