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Pergola is a system applied to protect the areas that are desired to be created for different purposes outdoors against weather conditions. Apart from fixed pergola systems, pergolas with a movable ceiling system are a functional outdoor product that can also meet the need for fresh air, providing protection in adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow with its opening and closing function. Pergola systems alone protect you against all adverse weather conditions except strong winds.

The system named by the word pergola, which means canopy in Italian, is produced in the factory environment after the measurement process carried out by the expert personnel in the field. All stages of the production process, which consists of three stages as projecting, manufacturing and assembly, are carried out with great care and the system that meets the expectations is made ready.

Pergola systems, which are used to cover open areas, can be used wherever it is desired to create a semi-open closed area. With the advantage of being used in 4 seasons, the system is used in commercial areas and residences where spending time is carried out by being protected against weather conditions.


Winter Garden

The differences between the pergola system and the winter garden are basically that the perimeter of the system is covered with glass. Pergola systems are basically built for shade. Pergola systems with open sides are suitable for use in spring and summer. Although the system is known as a pergola system, the name of the new system can be called a winter garden, although the open system is surrounded by glass systems.

Winter gardens are systems applied in balconies, gardens and terraces to provide functionality to areas that are not used in cold winters.  The systems, which are closed on 4 sides with single glass or heat insulated glass, allow the use of open areas that are not used during the winter months. 


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