Photocell doors are another one of our products with a wide variety of products that react to electromagnetic energy or
photocell light. There are also many models.


GP Automatic Platinum glass winged photocell doors are the domestic production of Gündüz Panjur and Automation Systems company. The system should be preferred in areas with high usage density. Detection System This system, known as radar, detects the object approaching the door. In this photocell system, which works with infrared and microwave frequencies, when the object is detected, the low-voltage electrical system is sent to the control panel. 

It is also preferred with its silent and optional operation feature, especially in areas where entry and exit is intense. 


It is specially produced from sandwich panel for factories, industrial plants etc.
It should be preferred in areas with high usage density and where insulation is important. Since the sectional door, also known as sectional door in industrial door systems, can be designed in desired sizes and dimensions, it can be used in all places where there are entrances and exits.

This product has many advantages over other rail doors. While the working area of the door in rail doors restricts the usage area of the interior space, the opening of industrial doors does not interfere with the usage area since it is upward. It can be used in goods receiving entrances of factories or large warehouses.


It is used in places where there is no gathering area required for folding type doors and where intensive use is required.
It offers a stylish design with special production bottom base, guide and drum. Pvc Fast Rolling door and Pvc Fast folding door provide safe use thanks to the safety photocell. Pvc fast doors, which can be used manually in power outages, can be preferred as spiral or folding type.

Pvc katlanabilir kapı ,soğuk zamanlarda ısıyı, sıcak zamanlarda serin havayı içeride muhafaza etmektedir. Katlanır kapılar içerisinde bulunan özel galvaniz çelik borular sayesinde dış ortamlarda ki hava muhalefetlerine maruz kalsa bile görevini sıkıntısız şekilde yerine getirir.

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